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First Responders

To order as a responder on our site and receive discounted prices, please follow the following steps and requirements:

1) To qualify, you must fall into one of the following categories:

All sworn Law Enforcement (L.E.) officers, including State, County & City.
All Federal L.E. officers (FBI, US Marshal, DEA, etc).
All Corrections Officers including Parole and Probation Officers.
All Retired L.E. officers with retired credentials, inc Federal, State, County & City.
State licensed Security Companies (Loomis Fargo, RAM, Securitas, etc.)
State licensed Security Officers.
Active military personnel - all branches
National Guard personnel - all branches
Military Reserve personnel - all branches
Legitimately retired military veterans, with retired military I.D.
Disabled Military Personnel (with I.D.)
County Coroners
Commercial Pilot License Holders
First Responders
All TSA employees
Licensed Para-Medics and EMTs
Fire Fighters (including volunteers) with appropriate I.D.
Federal Flight Deck Officers
Court Judges
District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys.
LE Academy Cadets
Glock GSSF Members (only works for Glock)
NRA Instructors (does not work for Glock)

2) Provide Proof of First Responder Status: Easiest method is to email us from your first responder email address (.gov, .mil, etc). You may also email us here or fax us a copy of your credentials (We ask that you DO NOT upload credentials via cart Contact Us page)

3) Sign up for an account on our site. Once we receive your credentials we will put you in the First Responder group and prices will auto reflect discount. 

NOTE: Many coupon codes that are in our newsletters will not work for first responders, since it would not be advantageous to the first responder group (i.e.: first responder prices are lower than what the coupon offers). Although most items have a responder discount, some do not or are already heavily discounted. Discounts usually include the following manufacturers: Aimpoint, B&T, BCM, Colt, FN, Magpul, Geissele, Vortex, Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, S&W, Beretta & more.