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About Us

G&R Tactical, LLC is owned/operated by Grant Timberlake and Roxanne Lyon Timberlake (majority owner) and located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

Our Purpose:

- To provide high quality products, services, and solutions to the shooting community. 

G&R Tactical only recommends gear that we have used and or use currently. We believe that this is the only way to make honest recommendations to our customers. To do anything less is doing a disservice to the shooting community.

About Us:

Grant Timberlake:
Grant served in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologist working Counter Drug Ops and Special Projects where he was awarded the Naval Achievement Medal and other Letters of Commendation. As a civilian contractor, he worked for the Joint War Fighting Center, Space and Naval Warfare, and the Air Operations Center Weapon System. Grant regularly attends Tactical Training classes to include Vickers Tactical, Ken Hackathorn, Kyle Defoor, Blackwater, EAG, & 10-8 Consulting. Grant is also a former Vickers Shooting Method (VSM) Regional Firearms instructor for the State of Ohio and an NRA Certified Instructor.

Training Background:

-CTT-Solutions (Pannone) Covert Carry Class
-CTT-Solutions (Pannone) Street and Vehicle Ops Class
-TMACS (McNamara) TAPS
-Vickers Tactical 1911 Pistolsmith Class
-Vickers Tactical 1911 Operators Class X 2
-Vickers Tactical Advanced Tactics Class
-Vickers Tactical LE MIL CQB Class X 2
-Vickers Tactical Home Defense Class Lexel 1 x 5
-Vickers Tactical Home Defense Class Level 2 X 3
-Ken Hackathorn Advanced Pistol Class X 2
-Ken Hackathorn Home Defense Class X 2
-Kyle Defoor Pistol Class
-Kyle Defoor Carbine Class
-Rob Haught Shotgun Operators Class
-Pistol-Training Aim Fast, Hit Fast Class
-Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Armorers Course
-Glock Armorers Course
-Smith & Wesson Urban Rifle Course
-Smith & Wesson M&P AR15 Armorers Course
-Vickers Tactical AK47 Operators Course
-Vickers M4C Advanced Operators Course (pistol/carbine) X 3
-Vickers Tactical Low Light-No Light Operators Course Level 1 X 3
-Vicker Tactical Low Light-No Light Operators Course Level 2
-Vickers Level 1 Carbine Operators Course X 2
-Vickers Level 1 Pistol Operators Course X 2
-Vickers Advanced Pistol Operators Course X 2
-10-8 Consulting Carbine Operators Course
-10-8 Consulting Pistol Operators Course
-EAG Tactical (Instructor: Pat Rogers) Pistol Operators Course
-EAG Tactical (Instructor: Pat Rogers) Carbine Operators Course
-Dave Harrington Carbine Operators Course
-Blackwater Pistol Course
-Blackwater Carbine Course
-NRA Pistol Instructor
-VSM Instructor

Roxanne Timberlake:
Roxanne served in the U.S. Navy as an Intelligence Specialist where she was awarded Enlisted of the Year for the Atlantic Intelligence Command and awarded multiple Joint Service Achievement Medals. As a civilian contractor, she worked for the Joint War Fighting Center, Air Combat Command, and Air Operations Center. She is a service-connected Disabled-Veteran.

Roxanne is a graduate of Tidewater C.C. (A.S. in Computer Science) and Regent University (B.S. in Organizational Leadership). She homeschools her two boys and is a singer/songwriter.