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Surefire SOCOM RC3 5.56
Surefire SOCOM RC3 5.56

Surefire SOCOM RC3 5.56

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Part Number:SOCOM556-RC3-BK

The SureFire SOCOM Gen 3 Fast-Attach 5.56 NATO Suppressor is a cutting-edge sound reduction device designed to significantly reduce back pressure and enhance the experience of shooting. Constructed from high-temperature alloy with a Cerakote finish, this suppressor measures 1.5-inches in diameter, 6.3-inches in length, and weighs only 17 ounces.

This suppressor significantly reduces toxic gas exposure by up to 60%, providing shooters with a cleaner and more controlled shooting experience. Its Fast-Attach design facilitates quick and secure attachment and removal without the need for tools. The SureFire SOCOM Gen 3 Fast-Attach suppressor is also compatible with SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach muzzle devices, adding to its versatility.


  • 5.56 NATO (.223) sound suppressor
  • High-Temp Alloy construction
  • Black Cerakote coating
  • Up to 60% reduction in toxic gas exposure for the shooter
  • Eliminates explosive flash with low back pressure
  • Fast-Attach design for tool-free attachment and removal
  • Backward compatible with SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach muzzle devices
  • Compact design


Despite its remarkable performance, the compact design of this suppressor maintains firearm maneuverability, making it a valuable addition for any shooter seeking enhanced shooting precision and safety.

This is an NFA item. All NFA rules apply. When ordering, please put your Class 3 dealers name in the SHIP TO section and then have them fax or e-mail their license to us.

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