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Surefire Legacy Mini Monster 5.56mm DE Suppressor
Surefire Legacy Mini Monster 5.56mm DE Suppressor

Surefire Legacy Mini Monster 5.56mm DE Suppressor

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Brand New 2011 Mini Monster in Desert Earth with the original 2011 brown box SureFire used before switching to the black and red boxes (low serial number!!)

The MINI MONSTER provides significant sound suppression—and excellent flash and dust signature suppression—yet adds only 2.75 inches to your weapon’s length and weighs only 14 ounces, adding minimal change to the portability, stowability, and maneuverability of your AR-15, M4, M16, C8 SFW, or other rifle. For firearms with barrels 14.5 inches or longer using standard M855 ammunition, the MINI reduces the average maximum sound pressure level below the OSHA 140-decibel safe level.

All SureFire sound suppressors require an adapter for attachment to a firearm. Adapters for the MINI sound suppressor screw directly onto the original rifle muzzle threads—see Parts and Accessories below. Adapters for this suppressor vary in compatibility with US military bayonet, blank firing attachment, and M203 grenade launcher—verify before ordering if this is a concern.

Chosen by the US military, SWAT teams, and law enforcement agencies across the country, proven in the world’s toughest combat conditions, only SureFire sound suppressors for rifles and machine guns combine every important suppressor feature: excellent sound, flash, and dust signature reduction—key components of SureFire’s Total Signature Reduction™ (TSR); minimal and consistent zero shift regardless of attach/detach cycles; rock-solid attachment in seconds; compact size; minimal weight; fail-safe baffles to prevent bullet side-exit; and extreme durability permitting full-time use—in fact, your SureFire suppressor should outlast your firearm barrel.

All SureFire Fast-Attach® sound suppressors provide crucial tactical benefits—they protect shooter and team members against both permanent and temporary hearing loss, enhancing situational awareness and communication; reduce sound signature, concealing shooter’s position; reduce or virtually eliminate muzzle flash and dust signatures, concealing shooter’s position, preserving night vision and unobstructed view; reduce recoil, improving bullet impact observation and allowing faster follow-up shots.


  • Caliber 5.56 mm (.223)
  • Weight 14.1 ounces
  • Length 5.27 inches
  • Diameter 1.5 inches


  • High-performance sound attenuation
  • Rock-solid attachment in seconds without tools
  • Minimal and consistent zero shift regardless of number of attach/detach cycles
  • Redundant-welded subcomponents eliminate parts loosening
  • Compact size and light weight, allowing full-time use
  • Machined from heat-treated stainless steel, finished in a tough, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Extreme resistance to heat and gas/particle erosion due to special alloy construction
  • No permanent modifications required for attachment to most M16/AR15 type weapons

This is an NFA item. All NFA Rules Apply. Please have your SOT Dealer fax their SOT and FFL to us. Please enter Dealer name into shipping area when ordering. 

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