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Speer LE 9mm G2 Gold Dot 147gr 50rd Box
Speer LE 9mm G2 Gold Dot 147gr 50rd Box

Speer LE 9mm G2 Gold Dot 147gr 50rd Box

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LE 54226 G2 Gold Dot 2 9mm 147gr Polymer Tip

Speer LE 54226 Gold Dot G2 9mm 147gr Polymer Tip as currently issued by law enforcement agencies and the FBI as their duty round. Speer Gold Dot G2 provides the best performance for duty with the highest scores in the history of FBI protocol testing. 

True innovation takes excellence to the next level. That's Gold Dot G2-the next generation of Speer Gold Dot, high performance ammunition that's earned the trust of law enforcement officers worldwide. You can depend on G2 for superb accuracy and reliability, as well as unprecedented penetration and expansion. For performance when you need it most, trust Gold Dot G2 duty ammunition.

The G2 upgrade for Gold Dot features a bullet design that excels in the FBI protocol for law enforcement ammunition. Its shallow, dish shaped nose contour is filled with elastomer to provide rapid expansion where needed and minimize over-penetration where it’s not. Gold Dot G2’s Uni-Cor construction molecularly bonds the copper jacket to the alloyed lead core, virtually eliminating separations.


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