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Primary Weapons Systems SM556 FSC Muzzle Device (OLD STOCK)
Primary Weapons Systems SM556 FSC Muzzle Device (OLD STOCK)

Primary Weapons Systems SM556 FSC Muzzle Device (OLD STOCK)

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Part Number:BCOM:PWS-SM556
Suppressor Mount for:
  • Knights QDSS-NT4 suppressor
  • Gemtech HALO

The Flash Suppressing Compensator (FSC) series of muzzle devices from Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) provides superior compensation characteristics combined with enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics and line of sight. Designed for both competitive and tactical use, the FSC series allows for superior muzzle stabilization and aids the shooter in faster follow up shots and accuracy.
The unique port design of the FSC series yields muzzle control that meets or exceeds the performance of the best muzzle brakes on the market without the teeth rattling overpressure indicative of other brakes and compensators.
The FSC Series muzzle devices are the only compensators on the market backed by a money back guarantee. If you buy one, install it, shoot it and are not amazed by the performance, send it back and we will happily refund your purchase price.
FSC Series muzzle devices ship with the PWS Shim set, therefore additional mounting devices such as peel washers or crush washers are not required.
A specialized version of the FSC556 Tactical Compensator made as a multiple suppressor adapter version.  The SM556 will accomodate the Knights QDSS-NT4 suppressor as well as the Gemtech HALO suppressors and is for use on weapons that have a bullet diameter equal to or less than .223/5.56 and threaded 1/2x28 RH. 
2.2" (55.8mm)
.865" (22mm)
Thread Pitch
1/2x28 RH
2.5 oz (70.8 grams)

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