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Multitasker MAGPOD GEN 3 FDE
Multitasker MAGPOD GEN 3 FDE

Multitasker MAGPOD GEN 3 FDE

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MagPod is a drop-in base plate replacement for the current PMAG 30 Gen M3 Magazines and previous versions of the PMAG 30. It is designed to make using the magazine as a monopod more stable and to aid in gripping the magazines.


To appreciate the MagPod, you really need to have some background in using the magazine as a monopod.

The 5.56×45 NATO (and .223 Remington) cartridges have tapered sidewalls which necessitates that the magazine have a slight curve to accommodate the stacked cartridges. The end result of the curved shape is that only a small portion of the base plate toward the rear of the magazine contacts the ground when it used as a monopod and the rifle is held level (or near level). You can create a very stable shooting position this way but with only small portion of the magazine on the ground, it is not as stable as it could be.



  • Compatible with GenM3 PMAG®
  • Field expedient monopod for enhanced prone stability
  • Ergonomic shape for improved grip during reloading.
  • SPACEFRAME docking slot for NANO/NANO2 Tool
  • 15% Glass fiber reinforced PA6 nylon
  • Double injection molded TPU based for improved traction on hard surfaces.

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