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Hornady 81265 LE 5.56 NATO 70gr GMX TAP Barrier
Hornady 81265 LE 5.56 NATO 70gr GMX TAP Barrier

Hornady 81265 LE 5.56 NATO 70gr GMX TAP Barrier

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One 20rd box.

Law Enforcement and Ammo Restriction: Hornady Law Enforcement Ammo (TAP/Critical Duty) is restricted to Law Enforcement agency/officer sales only. To purchase these products, you must submit a copy of your Authorized Credentials. This can be done before or after placing your order. You can send us a copy by emailing us at [email protected] The following are also eligible to purchase this ammo: Corrections officers that are able to show agency credentials, Retired officers in good standing that are able to show agency credentials, Licensed and uniformed security guards/companies, and Active and Retired military personnel.

70 gr. GMX® TAP® BARRIER™ - Item No. 81265

TAP® Barrier™ turns cover into concealment. The 5.56 NATO 70 gr GMX® Barrier™ round is a fantastic option for tactical situations that require deep penetration and terminal performance after contact with any FBI established urban barriers. The GMX® bullet is constructed entirely from a tough copper alloy that will deliver high weight retention and deep penetration. This bullet is well suited for guns with faster twist rates and is extremely reliable for patrol carbine use or any other situation that may involve vehicles or barricades. This load, utilizing the 70 grain Hornady GMX® projectile is designed as a “barrier blind” round, meaning performance is only minimally affected by barriers. It’s not armor-piercing, but significantly out-performs conventional bullets in law enforcement situations where officers may be required to engage deadly threats in vehicles or behind light cover. It’s also optimum for hunting requiring great expansion combined with deep penetration and nearly 100% weight retention. This loading is designed for rifles with a rifling twist of 1/7” or 1/8”. Penetration in ballistic gelatin consistently runs 17-22”, with a wound diameter in the 5”range. Recovered bullet diameter averages nearly .50 caliber. 

The 70 grain GMX is a monolithic hollow-point, but unlike similar monolithic bullets such as the all-copper Barnes TSX, the Hornady GMX is made from gilding metal (95% copper and 5% zinc). Hence the “GM” portion of GMX. The 70 grain GMX has a nominal length of approximately 1.048”, making it slightly longer than the 70 grain Barnes TSX

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