Apex Tactical Glock Failure Resistant Extractor for GEN 3

Apex Tactical Glock Failure Resistant Extractor for GEN 3

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Glock Failure Resistant Extractor - (G-FRE) - Gen 3 Only

Products included: (2 total pieces in the package)

1ea. - Apex Glock Failure Resistant Extractor
1ea. - Apex Glock Extractor Spring

What they do:

Apex Glock Failure Resistant Extractor: Machined from a billet of Aerospace grade stainless steel, the Apex G-FRE boasts a more robust extractor claw and improved geometry to produce the most durable extractor available today.

Apex Glock Extractor Spring: Provides extractor tension to allow the extractor claw to engage the rim of the cartridge appropriately and insure correct extraction and feeding.

Applicable to what guns:
Generation 3 - 9mm Glock pistols (G models 17, 18, 19, 26, 34)*
*Not tested to work with any caliber except for 9mm
Recommendation for best function:
Spring Load Bearing for Glock Model 17, 19, 26 and 34 - Glock Item # SP01176 (Available at Midwayusa.com, Brownells.com or Sharpsshootingsupply.com

Glock 30274 Ejector.

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