Apex Tactical Duty/Cary Action Enhancement Kit for SHIELD

Apex Tactical Duty/Cary Action Enhancement Kit for SHIELD

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Products included: 1 ea. (7 total pieces in the package)

A) Apex Fully Machined Sear
B) Ultimate Striker Block Kit (Striker Block, Spring & Talon Tactical Rear Sight Tool)
C) Shield Spring Kit (Trigger Return Spring, Shield Slave Pin & Sear spring)

What they do:

Fully Machined Sear: Reduces trigger pull weight, over travel and reset.
Ultimate Striker Block Kit: Smoothes trigger uptake and reduces the double click reset.

Duty/Carry Spring Kit:

1) Trigger return spring: Sets the trigger pull weight into the 5 lb range and increases uptake pressure
2) Shield Slave Pin: Used to hold tension on the trigger return spring during installation.
3) Sear Spring: Aids in returning the Sear to its ready to fire position and maintains trigger pull weight.

Expected results

1) Trigger Pull in the mid 5lb range
2) Smooth Uptake and reset
3) Reduced over travel
4) Reduced reset

Thit is a do-it-yourself drop in trigger enhancement kit designed to allow for the home gunsmith to easily modify their pistol without the excessive costs of shipping firearms.

Applicable to what guns: Smith & Wesson Shield only.

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