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Aimpoint CEU Module

( 12156 )

Aimpoint® CEU

Patented system
The CEU is a patented system developed by DSTO in Australia under the name Off-Axis Viewing Device (OAVD). Aimpoint has worldwide exclusive rights for production and sales outside Australia.

Aiming around corners
The Aimpoint® CEU gives the operator the ability to observe and/or engage a threat from a concealed or covered position. The CEU easily rotates from side to side, letting the operator safely look around either right or left-hand corners. It can also be quickly removed to rapidly return to direct engagement.

Recommended mount
The recommended mounting solution for the Aimpoint® CEU is the Aimpoint® TwistMount™ base, for fast attachment and detachment. The Aimpoint TwistMount base fits any MIL-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail.

Recommended ring
Depending on the weapon configuration we provide two different top rings for the Aimpoint CEU, one high and one low with the following height specifications.

Unique features of the CEU
Designed to be compatible with all Aimpoint® sights
Designed to provide a “true image,” NOT a reversed mirror reflection
Allows aiming over walls, under cars, around corners without exposing head and torso
Does not affect the weapon’s point of impact
Can be passed between team members
Rugged, affordable device
Small and light
Easily removed from the weapon if necessary
Turns a standard infantry weapon into a scouting tool
No need to equip a team member with a specialized weapon
Rotates a full 260°
Designed to withstand extreme conditions

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